• Miss the recent spotlight on our deal pipeline?

    Watch the full event on our YouTube channel now!

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  • Who made the cut?

    Meet the latest cohort of Innovacorp Accelerate.


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  • Home is where your start-up is.

    Build your start-up – and your home – in Canada.

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  • Researchers, this could be your first breakthrough!

    Move your research to market with ESCF.

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  • A Seat at the Table

    CVCA elects Lidija Marusic to its board of directors.

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  • For some, the sky's the limit. For Alan, it's just the beginning.

    Alentic is changing the face of medicine – one pinprick at a time.

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  • Mo is improving women’s health.

    And we love him to bits for it.

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  • Jordan sweats the small stuff.

    Like quantum physics.

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  • George is mastering light.

    We think he's making the world a brighter place.

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  • Rob’s changing the world – block by block.

    He’s adding something green to the mix.

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We find, fund and foster innovative Nova Scotia start-ups that strive to change the world.
Does that sound like your company?
If so, we can help!


Venture Capital Investment

Early stage investment is at the core of our work. We make equity investments directly in start-ups and in privately managed funds like Build Ventures and Concrete Ventures.

Acceleration Initiatives

The word "acceleration" is all the rage right now in the start-up world. We tried hard to avoid the cliché, but just couldn't find a better label for all the "stuff" we offer start-ups on top of risk capital and incubation infrastructure and services. Learn more about the ways we can help you.

GreenShoots Program

Support for early stage technology companies in the agri-technology and bioeconomy sectors.

A boost for Nova Scotia technology start-ups approaching investment readiness.

An opportunity for ocean technology start-ups from outside Canada who want to move to Nova Scotia.

A scale-up program for companies in the industrial biotech and agtech sectors.


Our incubation facilities offer your emerging technology company the environment it needs to grow stronger, faster. Learn how incubators increase success and save money.

Space and support for ocean technology start-ups.

Where entrepreneurship flourishes.

A home for Nova Scotia’s technology entrepreneurs.