Acceleration Initiatives

The word “acceleration” is probably a little overused in the start-up world. We tried hard to avoid the cliché, but just couldn’t find a better label for all the “stuff” we offer start-ups on top of risk capital and incubation infrastructure and services. So, here you have it below –  Innovacorp’s “acceleration initiatives” for Nova Scotia start-ups striving to change the world.

A boost for Nova Scotia technology start-ups approaching investment readiness.

Support for early stage technology companies in the agri-technology and bioeconomy sectors.

Two opportunities to accelerate commericialization of ocean technologies.

A scale-up program for companies in the industrial biotech and agritech sectors.

Helping move Nova Scotia university, college and university-affiliated hospital research to market.

Helping clients access key resources to accelerate their companies.

A remarkable group supporting our pre-investment clients.

Offering opportunities for immigrant technology entrepreneurs.

Access market intelligence that’s out of this world. (Get it?)