The word “acceleration” is all the rage right now in the start-up world. We tried hard to avoid the cliché, but just couldn’t find a better label for all the “stuff” we offer start-ups on top of risk capital and incubation infrastructure and services. So, here you have it below –  Innovacorp’s “acceleration initiatives” for Nova Scotia start-ups striving to change the world.

Helping move Nova Scotia university, college and university-affiliated hospital research to market.

Offering opportunities for immigrant technology entrepreneurs.

A remarkable group supporting our pre-investment clients.

Accelerate Program image

A boost for Nova Scotia technology start-ups approaching investment readiness.

Sprint Program image

Get support as you race to the next milestone for your venture.

GreenShoots Program

Support for early stage technology companies in the agri-technology and bioeconomy sectors.

Helping clients access key resources to accelerate their companies.

An opportunity for ocean technology start-ups from outside Canada who want to move to Nova Scotia.

Connecting entrepreneurs with teams of experienced volunteer mentors.

Access market intelligence that’s out of this world. (Get it?)

Helping Cape Breton start-ups grow stronger, faster.

Giving the Cape Breton community the place, equipment, materials and education to let them design and build innovative products.

TecSocial is a monthly meeting for those with an interest in technology and entrepreneurship.