Market Intelligence Services

Thanks to a partnership we’ve built with MaRS, we’re giving our clients access to market intelligence that’s out of this world.

MaRS gives start-ups access to premium market intelligence resources and services.

You can get relevant information about your industry, competitors, market, potential investors and partners, and best practices.

The MaRS team of analysts and information specialists have industry knowledge of the ICT, health, and clean technology sectors. Plus they have access to thousands of the top proprietary databases,* reports and statistics, which are beyond the reach of most start-ups.

Innovacorp is one of four Atlantic Canadian organizations that have been granted access to the MaRS Market Intelligence offering. The other organizations are Nova Scotia-based Volta Labs, Newfoundland-based Genesis Centre and New Brunswick-based Venn Centre. The opportunity is made possible through the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) with generous financial support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

For information on how to access MaRS market intelligence resources and services, Innovacorp clients should contact Innovacorp’s Amanda Tarr via email or at 902.424.8670.

*The following licensed databases will be used to find relevant information and answer research queries:

Database Sector Coverage
BCC Research multiple
Bloomberg New Energy Finance clean technology, investment data
eMarketer Inc. ICT
Euromonitor    multiple, USA and Canada only
Forrester Research Inc.* ICT
Frost & Sullivan mulitple
GlobalData    therapeutics, medical devices
HiMSS Analytics    life sciences, healthcare IT
DC*   ICT, global coverage
IDC Financial Insights*   ICT, financial technology
IDC Health Insights*    life sciences, healthcare IT
Lux Research multiple
Navigant Research* clean technology
Packaged Facts    multiple – global coverage
* Databases in which we have limited access