The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub champions the technology and innovation needed to turn Nova Scotia’s abundant renewable resources into opportunity. Renewable, low-carbon resources are our future — we make sure we can all get there together.

To address climate change, there is an urgent global need to change how we make energy, chemicals and other fossil fuel derived products. Finding ways to produce these from renewable, well-managed bioresources, is key to meeting the climate challenge and ensuring a sustainable future.  

Nova Scotia is poised to be a major player in this space. We’re well-positioned geographically thanks to our plentiful access to oceans, forests, and agriculture — not to mention our strategic location for access to shipping and other resources in the global supply chain. Additionally, our forestry and other renewable resource sectors are under-utilized, which means there’s plenty of supply to meet local, national, and international demand for low-carbon solutions.

The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub is committed to driving innovation that has real — and sustainable — economic benefits. The bioresource sector is renewable. It’s innovative. And it’s supporting our province in the areas that need it more — rural communities.

Innovacorp is a founding member and participates on the board of the Nova Scotia Innovation Hub.

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The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub has a mission to create and promote best-in-class, investment ready conditions for a low-carbon, bioresource economy by:

  • Promoting and supporting bioresource innovation within Nova Scotia
  • Ensuring a plentiful and innovative supply of raw materials are accessible 
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration 
  • Recognizing and taking action on the opportunities offered by a global demand for low-carbon products and processes

How We Help

The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub works with businesses in the bioresource space who are interested in establishing or growing their operations in Nova Scotia. We provide: 

  • Detailed information on the raw materials available from industries in the forestry, agricultural, oceans, and municipal solid waste sectors and potential market opportunities
  • Access to our expansive network of partners in the feedstock, manufacturing, marketing, and financial service industries
  • Financial and in-kind support to help our clients with mission critical projects


The Hub is governed by a board of directors who contribute funding, expertise and guidance. 


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