Launching a new venture? Building a promising company? Stepping up your company’s game? Have an innovation that can change the world? We can help.

We help high potential early-stage Nova Scotia companies commercialize their technologies and succeed in the global marketplace. We’re especially interested in the clean technology, information technology, and life sciences industries. Our business model is an internationally recognized approach to helping technology companies grow.


Capital is the lifeblood of any early-stage company and we are looking to invest in great entrepreneurs, great teams, great companies, and great technologies.

Sound like you? If so, we want to know more.

As your equity partner, we can help turn your venture into something extraordinary. We’re more than just money. We provide hands-on business advisory services, tailored to meet the unique – and evolving – needs of your promising technology company.

We manage the Nova Scotia First Fund. The fund targets emerging venture-grade technology companies with high growth potential and attractive risk-return prospects. We co-invest with institutional, private sector and angel investors from across Canada and beyond.

Our fund has capacity to invest in new opportunities. Is the next opportunity yours?

We bring more than just investment capital. We’ll work side-by-side with you to figure out your immediate struggles and the steps needed to overcome them. Once that’s achieved, together we’ll determine what’s needed next for sustained competitiveness and business growth. A network of advisors, mentors and service providers complements our in-house business expertise.

Every company has its own distinct needs for business assistance. Our investment team will help you with yours. Fundamental business planning, intellectual property protection strategies, product development, financial management, value proposition development, human resource management, sales and distribution channel strategies and competitive analysis are just a sample of the areas of expertise you’ll have within arm’s reach as our client.


Our incubation facilities give your emerging technology company the environment it needs to grow. It’s more than just office, lab and industrial space – it’s an ideal blend of opportunities, resources and synergies that enhance entrepreneurial success. learn more

Supporting Nova Scotia’s Start-Up Community

In addition to our core business of investment, incubation and expert advice for individual companies, we also support the start-up community and culture across Nova Scotia. This role takes many shapes, whether it’s through our I-3 competition, our info-rich breakfast series, or our funding opportunities for post-secondary researchers. The new Innovacorp Demonstration Centre is also a good example. There, we’re working to bring together the brightest minds in the bioresource industry and research community to advance the demonstration and development of bioresource technologies.

Sound good? It is. Now tell us about you and your company.