The following post is written by Innovacorp marketing & communications specialist Michaela Meltzer Gardner.

Through the Eyes of our Seventh Start-Up Visa Program Company Founder, Gene Sobolev. Gene is the co-founder of Halifax Data Labs and moved to Halifax on March 31, 2018. 

1. The colourful houses
Gene has traveled all over the world and has never seen colourful houses like the ones we boast in the North End of Halifax. Think Agricola, Cornwallis, Bauer, North Park, Maynard and Creighton, to name a few.

2. The friendliness and acceptance of people here compared to other places
Compared to other places in the world, Gene is already appreciating the ingenuity and welcoming nature of Haligonians, accurately describing us as “chill.”

3. The early adoption of technology
In Halifax a week, Gene already knew there were five bitcoin ATMs in the city, maybe more. For a city of this size somewhere else in the world, there might not be any. Berlin (a city of some 3.5 million people) for example, has none.

4. It’s always windy
Which, on the bright side, means there’s always fresh air.
Gene has never lived in a port city before, but he’s visited a few and it was never as windy as Halifax.

5. The number of young professionals
People in Halifax, and Canada in general, seem to get their life started earlier. Many of the people in professional roles that Gene has met with since coming to Canada have been under 25. Gene observed this isn’t the norm in other places in the world.

6. The number of universities
For this size of a city, it’s a crazy amount of universities and colleges per capita. It might explain why people here are so educated.

7. The number of breweries
And the fact that they’re all really good.

8. The Google reviews for restaurants and bars are all positive
Either everyone is really nice, or all the restaurants are actually amazing. Maybe it’s both? Either way, Gene’s really impressed by it.


Gene hasn't tried a donair yet, but we'll share his full review once he has!

Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 27, 2018