This article was written by Michael Bochoff, Marketing & Communications Assistant at Innovacorp.

Whether you’re a player or a spectator, golf, like any sport, can be an emotional roller coaster. Between bad swings, sand traps and sudden weather shifts, it’s easy to understand why. But it’s a stroll in the park compared to the stress and frustration golf courses experience while organizing tournaments. Luckily, Easy Golf Tour creator Todd Chant developed a solution to help golf courses run tournaments efficiently and cost-effectively. 

“I’ve been approached for many years to develop tournament software for golf courses because of my 20 years’ experience in the golf industry,” said Todd. “In 2016, I decided it was time to sit down and listen to what they wanted and create a product based on their needs.”

Easy Golf Tour’s software offers real-time leaderboards on televisions throughout the clubhouse, as well as the course’s website. Courses can also choose to allow golfers to use their phones to enter their scores and view leaderboards while they play. In July 2017, Easy Golf Tour launched a prototype system at Lingan Golf Club in Sydney, Cape Breton, to manage the largest invitational golf tournament in Eastern Canada, the Road Builders. 

“When we demoed our software to some clients, we had immediate interest in it,” said Todd. “We knew there was huge market potential to tap into.”

Along with individual golf courses, Todd has been working to establish partnerships with golf associations across Canada, which include the National Golf Course Association (NGCA) and Golf Nova Scotia, and a partnership with Golf Canada is in the works. According to Todd, the benefit of associations is market penetration, with one association allowing access to 1,400 golf courses.

“Our whole system is based on sharing information, so the golf course can choose to share that information with whomever they want,” said Todd. “We want to stand out from our competitors but we really want to create a great experience for the golfer.”

Easy Golf Tour is focused on building a stable client base in Canada for the 2019 season, with plans to head into the United States after that. But no matter where the business takes him, Cape Breton will always be home. 

“We’ll always be a Cape Breton company,” said Todd. “From the three businesses I’ve started, I’ve created 11 new jobs that didn’t exist before and I’m very proud of that. If I can do something to help make this place better and keep people here, I’m willing to try it.”

Easy Golf Tour is the featured company at this month's TecSocial event in Cape Breton.

October 3, 2018, Halifax, Nova Scotia