We’ve got some pretty legit experts in-house at Innovacorp. For example, take our clean technology investment manager, Michael Dennis (or, “the old…er Michael” as we like to call him).

5 - Number of CEO jobs he’s held (three with private companies, then one publicly traded and one non-profit – for his conscience).

50 - Age he started playing bass guitar so he could join the Roosterman Blues Band.

8 - Number of years between the founding and acquisition of his first start-up, BioSignal.

$30,000,000 - Amount he’s raised in equity financing rounds as CEO of biotechnology companies.

$25,000,000 - Amount he’s raised in non-dilutive financing for R&D projects for companies and universities.

150 - Number of cloned human receptors in his start-up’s drug discovery products catalogue when it was acquired.

2 - Number of pick-up trucks he’s had stolen from him at the Dorval airport in Montreal.

14 - Number of investments he manages in Innovacorp’s start-up portfolio.

31 - Age at which he got his first real job, after his post-doc.

0 - Number of people working at Innovacorp older than him.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 15, 2019