The following blog post is from Josh Mitton, our most recent STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR IN RESIDENCE (SiR) . He just wrapped up his eight-month tenure and shared some key takeaways from his experience.

Take a trained actor and educator, stick him in a business school, then throw him into the deep end of venture capital and what do you get?

A large network of advisors, a plethora of experiential learning, and a new business.

As part of my eight-month corporate residency for Dalhousie’s MBA program, I was tasked to work with INNOVACORP’S INVESTMENT TEAM as a Student Entrepreneur in Residence to create and execute a business model for an idea I had cooked up earlier last year.

Coming to Innovacorp for the first time was a little overwhelming; I was a wannabe entrepreneur and the venture capital acronyms, pitch procedures and exhaustive research were a shock to the system.

The team was very supportive. They answered questions, offered advice, connected me with external advisors, and allowed me to sit in on conversations, meetings, and even other company pitches. Slowly but surely, I was able to pick up the dos and don’ts of venture capital; a valuable experience that every entrepreneur would benefit from.

After eight months of working with the experts at Innovacorp, I was able to successfully start a new business venture. Combining my teaching experience and my passion for technology, I founded PLATOPATH, an education technology platform that connects learning outcomes to apps and games for use in the classroom and at home.

It’s great to know there is support for the start-up ecosystem in Atlantic Canada, and even greater to realize that I get to be a part of the story. I only see great things coming from Innovacorp in the future, and am excited to reconnect with them after my departure.

Except then, (hopefully) as part of its portfolio.