Alentic is changing the face of medicine – one pinprick at a time.

Alentic Microscience founder and  CEO Alan Fine is revolutionizing patient care with a pocket-sized medical device that can generate a range of medical test results in a matter of minutes from only a pinprick of blood.

Alan began down this exploratory path in 2009, a serendipitous offshoot of his research on fundamental mechanisms of memory.

He and his team of 16 employees have developed small, lightweight yet robust devices that carry out key diagnostic blood tests by capturing microscopic images at high resolution without using lenses. The result is improved patient care, reduced wait times and lower health-care costs.

The company is now commercializing its patented technology for use in hospitals, clinics, and veterinary and research settings. In fact, the Canadian Space Agency has already started testing astronauts aboard the International Space Station using Alentic’s innovation.

We’ve been by Alan’s side since the beginning with venture capital, incubation space and non-dilutive funding. From the laboratory to the depths of space, there truly is no limit to where this technology can go.

October 2019, Halifax, Nova Scotia