The following post is from Innovacorp marketing & communications assistant Michael Bochoff.

One of last year’s Spark North winners and CleanTech Accelerate Program (CTAP) cohort participant, BioPolyNet, has developed a platform technology for the design of biopolymers that can control the behavior of solids in water. 

“It acts like a cast net,” said Arian Shahnazari, project engineer at BioPolyNet. “When you throw it into water, it traps all the solids, regardless of their size, shape or charge. When it’s spread on land, the net stabilizes the surface and holds particles solidly in place.”   

Combining their R&D and manufacturing experience, BioPolyNet is designing and building BioNanoCoils for different applications. BioNanoCoils have shown promise in diverse applications, including wastewater treatment, dust suppression and firefighting. 

“Taking part in industry challenges helps to focus our efforts on solving real industry problems with large customers and global markets,” said Mostafa Aghei, CEO and co-founder of BioPolyNet. 

Winning the Spark Innovation Challenge provided funding to the company to pursue development work and introduced them to a shared laboratory facility in Truro. It also created networking and training opportunities and opened the door to other acceleration programs at Innovacorp, including CTAP and pre-seed investment. 

“Spark and CTAP helped a lot with our cash flow over the last six months and created a lot of positive contacts in different areas to advance the business.”


Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, May 22, 2018