The following blog is from our own Thomas Rankin, better known to some as @RANKINTHOMAS. It first appeared in his personal blog, IMPOSSIBLE CONFIDENCE. We are reposting it here with his permission.

As summer ends and cool nights creep into our weeks, the memories of roaring bonfires fade.

Staring into the flames of a fire is a primordial experience. It is as though we have never gotten over the awe of its discovery. The bigger the fire, the more we are infatuated by it. The bigger the fire, the more likely it is to spawn. The igniter of the new? Those pesky little sparks.

<<On Thomas’s original blog, here he included a great picture of New Year’s Eve fire and sparks at Cantley Manor.>>

Okay. Apologies. A little too much waxing. My point. In the world of technology, we have many brightly burning fires, companies that consume talent and resources to create glorious heat and light.  Google, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, Salesforce to name a few. These companies grow to raging infernos, tossing off sparks into the world at large. These sparks are the people, ideas, and processes that have maximized their value to the company or that seek out new opportunities in the broader world.

In my neck of the woods, the brightly burning fires of RADIAN6 and Q1 Labs are popping and crackling with great merriment, showering sparks on the technology community. At EAST VALLEY VENTURES you have the great tech leaders Gerry Pond and Jeff White of both Radian and Q1 fame. At ONELOBBY, you have Radian employee #1 and CTO Brian Dunphy taking on a new start-up challenge.

The examples are many and point to the need for large globally successful technology companies that seed an environment. For our role @INNOVACORP, this means looking to the greater flame for opportunity and taking risk to ignite the sparks. We’re basically the kindling and igniter fluid you pick up at the corner store on your way to the cottage. Fuel.

So, like many in our ecosystem, we sit with eyes trained on the flames, watching with great anticipation the landing of sparks. Get your jiffy pop ready.