Innovacorp’s dynamo investment manager DAWN UMLAH tells entrepreneurs to forget the romance and get right to the traction in the latest post on her personal blog, DAWN UNFILTERED. You should check it out regularly for her insights and tales about the VC and technology worlds she lives in.

Love ≠ validation.

Start-ups often struggle with how to differentiate between love and validation. Getting this wrong can lead you astray and quite frankly, makes you look naive. Investors don’t invest in love, nor should you choose to double down on love. You need to showcase validation through traction and you need to make decisions based on validation.

So, what is love? Love is when your mom says you are the prettiest/smartest person in the world. Love is someone cheerleading and being really excited about your idea. Love is grin f*¢king. Love is everything before someone signs, pays, or uses your product – a lot.

Validation is commitment, money and/or eyeballs. People have to be willing to commit, pay for it and/or are highly engaged when they use it. This demonstrates your product is resonating. The next question is how do you find more of these people.

Stop selling me love and show me traction.