Sumit arrived in Nova Scotia through Innovacorp's Start-Up Visa Program on November 29, 2019. He came to Halifax from Mumbai, a densely populated city on the west coast of India. 

"As a Start-Up Visa Program participant, coming to Halifax was a big leap for us," said Sumit Verma, co-founder of Reazent. 

Sumit studied management at Stanford University. He co-founded Reazent in 2018 with Friedrich Srienc and Steve Moon.

"Friedrich and I have known each other for over two and a half years now," said Sumit. "We both had a keen interest in bringing sustainable alternatives to petroleum-derived chemicals. About a year later, I met Steve Moon at a trade event organized by a South Korean provincial government. Given our shared interests and passion, we both knew that many existing chemical-based crop protection solutions are inefficient, expensive, and harmful to our ecosystem, and their organic alternatives don't give the required performance. So, we decided to collaborate and work together to fulfill this unmet need."

Reazent is a clean technology company developing safe and natural products for agricultural applications. Based on proprietary technologies, these products help in crop disease control, yield growth and abiotic stress resistance. Reazent enables growers to substantially increase their return on investments.

"The awesome Innovacorp team is helping to make our start-up successful," said Sumit. "The city of Halifax is full of start-up energy, and in just two weeks of being here, we have seen snowfalls, rain, and scorching sun - sometimes, all of them together. We love every bit of it."

Congratulations, Sumit! We’re so excited to watch you build your business and future in Nova Scotia.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, December 20, 2019