Calgary-based Slyce has job openings in Sydney / New Waterford. Slyce delivers sophisticated visual search technologies and is currently focused on enabling a powerful sales channel for retailers and their customers. Consumers can conveniently engage with retailers by taking pictures of desired products using their mobile devices, thereby initiating the visual search service with near-instant product recognition capability.

Do you have a passion for entrepreneurs and start-ups? Are you a natural born connector and leader? Do you dream about perfectly executed programs? Are you Innovacorp's future manager of programs and acceleration? Get the details.

Innovacorp is looking for a new investment manager. Check out the details and then apply.

Innovacorp needs you to answer our call – in more ways than one. We're looking for a casual relief receptionist/administrative assistant who is interested in working on an on-call basis to provide vacation relief and occasional support for administrative employees located at two locations, one in Dartmouth and one in Halifax. Note: Please quote Casual Relief Position in the subject line. Also, please submit in Word format your resume and a cover letter outlining why casual, on-call work suits your situation. Get the details and then apply. 

Innovacorp resident client Solid State Pharma Inc. (SSPI) is hiring! The company is looking for a staff scientist to join its team. Get the details and then apply. The company is also looking for a scientist too. Get the details and then apply. (We have no idea what the difference is between the two so you should definitely check out both.)

Innovacorp portfolio company Spring Loaded Technology is looking for a customer service specialist, a logistics coordinator and more, to join its team of top talent. Check out the details and then apply. 

Innovacorp portfolio company Dash Hudson is looking for a customer success representative with some serious swagger. Check out the details. The company is also looking for a full stack developer. Get the details and then apply. And because Dash Hudson only does it big, the company is looking for a for a sales development rep too. Get the details.