AGADA Biosciences

AGADA Biosciences

AGADA Biosciences meets the rapidly growing need for services that accelerate orphan drug development. The company provides centralized preclinical drug efficacy testing and phenotyping services for neuromuscular disorders.

AGADA’s team includes internationally recognized key opinion leaders in the field, who have carried out over 70 preclinical phenotyping and efficacy trials for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, foundations, and academic laboratories.

The company has phenotyped and tested potential therapeutics in nine different neuromuscular disease animal models, including models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, limb girdle muscular dystrophy, autoimmune myositis, to name a few, and have collected over one million data points over the past seven years.

Currently, AGADA Biosciences is in the process of gaining the intellectual property needed for surrogate biomarker development and testing for use in clinical trials of orphan drugs.

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