B-Line is an AI-powered contact tracing and facility management platform that helps building owners and employers prevent the spread of infectious disease in the workplace by collecting highly accurate location data that identifies possible chains of transmission. B-Line's data enables building owners and organizations to assess the risk of their portfolio and make data-driven decisions to protect building occupants and ensure tenant safety. Tenants are also able to instantly communicate directly with building managers through real-time messaging and in-app surveys to ensure occupant satisfaction and confidence in the safety of their workplace.

Beyond the data needed for infectious disease prevention, B-Line enhances a property's connectivity and speeds the path to green building certification by enabling building owners and organizations to quickly and easily collect occupant comfort and commuting data through automated mobility reporting and in-app surveys.

Product services include:

- Contact tracing and emergency alert platform
- Predictive analytics and outbreak assessment tool
- Real-time capacity monitoring and access control system
- Transportation demand management
- Automated environmental reporting

Check out a quick video of the product overview.