Clinical Logistics Inc.

Clinical Logistics Inc. (CLI) is a contract research organization providing clinical trial services to multi-national pharmaceutical companies. These services include the production of customized specimen identification labels, provision of specimen collection supplies, plus coordinating and monitoring the logistics of shipping collected specimens.

Pharmaceutical companies face many challenges when conducting clinical trials. The trial process requires a systematic, carefully timed approach and strict attention to trial protocol. With tens, even hundreds of patients in a single clinical trial, the logistics of packaging, labeling and shipping samples for testing can be complex. The logistics of monitoring and testing patients, who typically are in different cities and cared for by different physicians, are also challenging. Given the importance of collecting, analyzing and reporting clinical trial samples and results, there is no room for error. The process is also complicated by numerous federal regulations, with severe business consequences for companies who deviate from them.

The CLI team has the extensive experience and knowledge needed to support the specimen labels, supplies and logistics needs of domestic and international clinical trials for world-class pharmaceutical companies. The company's ability to meet deadlines, customize the products and services to the needs of each clinical trial, and proactively solve problems has contributed to its growing success and industry recognition. CLI’s commitment to 100 per cent accuracy and development of sophisticated specimen logistic coordination processes has provided their customers with the ability to analyze specimen more quickly and with fewer discrepancies—saving time and money.

Services and Products

Cryogenic-grade Labels

  • Smudge-proof and tear resistant cryogenic grade specimen collection labels.
  • Customizable specimen collection labels that facilitate clinical data merge.
  • Clearly printed and well organized labels increase specimen identification accuracy.

Specimen Management

  • Experienced study managers to provide site support for PK and PD specimen collection and shipping related issues.
  • Offers worldwide specimen logistic coordination that includes tracking and delivery confirmation of all specimen shipments to ensure consistent timely shipping and delivery of PK and PD specimens.
  • Broker and coordinate worldwide courier services for transport; courier(s) specific to shipment/specimen specifications.

Specimen Collection and Shipping Supplies

  • Preparation of PK and PD lab manual with specimen collection and shipping instructions.
  • Assembly of clinical trial specific kits: specimen collection and shipping supplies management, including monitoring the expiration of perishable supplies and supplies replenishment, for the duration of the clinical trial.
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation of all clinical trials.
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