DGI Clinical

DGI Clinical (DGI) is a Halifax-based company founded by Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, a world leading dementia specialist and geriatrician. The company’s primary goal is to provide innovative clinical metrics solutions that report clinically meaningful outcomes to pharmaceutical and biotech companies that support their efforts in developing, testing and marketing dementia products. Clinically meaningful outcomes are required by regulatory agencies as proof of efficacy and are becoming more important for reimbursement agencies.

DGI Clinical’s approach to collecting clinically meaningful outcomes is based on choice: patients and their caregivers are given the opportunity to report and track patient symptoms that are most troublesome to them. Most clinical measurement tools commonly used in dementia research provide an inventory of symptoms which the caregiver must rate regardless of its significance to the patient. Use of these older clinical measurement tools can lead to the loss of important clinical signals since non-relevant symptoms are tracked. The company’s flagship product SymptomGuide only collects information on symptoms deemed important by the caregiver.


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