Green Power Labs

An energy consulting group, Green Power Labs is focused on the research and development of alternative energy resources. The company evaluates possible sources of energy, identifies their development potential and promotes advanced technologies of power distribution.

Green Power Labs performs high-resolution, digital mapping of energy resources, looks at production potential and identifies economic benefit from the use of alternative energy. It also brings together existing energy resource maps into a single comprehensive system useful for resource managers and decision-makers. Through this integrated approach, the company aims to assist those interested in the production of energy from renewable energy sources - provincial and municipal governments, policy makers, landowners and developers, as well as companies and home owners - find the best alternative energy source solution for their needs.

Enhancing access to renewable energy and backup power sources, Green Power Labs provides highly competitive solutions for alternative energy distribution. Based on power electronic products manufactured by Xantrex Technology Inc., a world leader in advanced power electronics, these solutions enable the delivery of electricity anytime, anywhere. The combination of Xantrex's proven technology with unparalleled market understanding provides customers with forward-thinking solutions that meet a wide range of needs for clean, quality and reliable power.

Products and Services

  • Evaluation of alternative energy resources
  • Description of existing components of alternative energy resources
  • Assessment of resource availability
  • Assessment of development potential
  • Digital mapping of alternative energy resources
  • Broad-scale mapping of energy potential (regional, municipal and provincial scale)
  • Comprehensive system useful for resource managers and decision-makers (digital atlas and presentations)
  • Creation of systems approach to alternative resource management
  • Renewable energy and backup power distribution
  • Power electronics for off-grid applications: inverters, inverter/charges, powerpacks, backup power systems, battery chargers, charge controllers, accessories
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