InNetwork Inc.

InNetwork allows communications professionals to easily create and execute social media outreach campaigns.

The goal is to forge positive connections between leading brands and relevant, verified social media thought leaders who shape consumers’ opinions.

Social media continues to occupy a growing share of consumers’ time spent online and they are increasingly influenced by the people they follow. Through, marketers can now select a roster of influencers from a network of social media publishers. Once a campaign is built and influencers activate with consumers, the results can be tracked and reported back to marketers.

InNetwork’s influencers are carefully selected and are scored against high standards of professionalism, social media reach and influence. The platform provides marketers with access to influencers who will participate in both paid and non-paid campaigns. Paid campaigns are priced based on influence scoring, frequency and reach.

InNetwork solves the challenge that many marketers face; leveraging social media to reach consumers in an efficient and measurable way. The proprietary scoring system, pricing model, and SmartBrief make it easy for agency planners, brand managers, and PR professionals to easily search, select and engage influencers they can trust to deliver.