Maritime bioLoggers

Maritime bioLoggers is a Halifax-based company that specializes in the development of customizable, high-resolution bio-logging sensors for the study of marine wildlife. Its sensors can be used to monitor the movement of animals and delivery-relevant information to preserve habitats of endangered species; advance fish stock management or create sustainable and efficient aquaculture industry. 
The company is driven by the need for microelectronic inertial tags that measure movement at high sampling frequencies. These sensors allow the extraction of key variables such as behaviour, activity and energy expenditure. Its tags support a wide range of customization, making them applicable to various research species and study settings.  
Maritime bioLoggers was co-founded at Dalhousie University by engineering PhD candidate Andre Bezanson and oceanography PhD candidate Franziska Broell.

1344 Summer Street Suite 10.F
Halifax, NS B3H 0A8