Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) is an optical metamaterials company commercializing novel optical nanotechnology components.

The company is developing metaAirtm, a product that deflects bright light and laser beams that disorientate pilots and impact jetliner flight paths.

The state-of-the-art optically transparent thin-films use metamaterials, also known as nano-composites, which selectively block light from specific colours or wavelengths. The thin-films can be applied to virtually any glass or clear plastic surface (e.g., eyewear, protective goggles, windscreens, etc.) to block hazardous laser light aimed at pilots, law enforcement and military personnel, as well as those that work with high intensity lasers.

With in-house design, access to world-class nanocomposite research, and nanofabrication expertise, MTI is able to develop a wide array of metamaterial applications that encompass several industries including aerospace and defense, healthcare, energy, education, and cleantech.

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