The Rounds

The Rounds

With nearly 1,500 physicians on board, The Rounds is Canada’s largest professional network developed exclusively for physicians. Today, members of The Rounds come from every province in the country and are interacting with each other over 20,000 times per month.

The Rounds connects Canadian physicians in a safe and secure platform, offering them a user-friendly channel to collaborate across specialties. Physicians can use mobile devices as well as their computers to securely share information concerning patient care and collaborate with other physicians in a secure HIPAA-compliant space.

Because of the lack of other secure methods, fax and email continue to be used by many physicians, but pose significant communications challenges. Studies estimate that 80 per cent of serious preventable adverse patient events happen due to poor communication among healthcare providers. The Rounds tackles this issue by providing physicians with tools to engage quickly and effectively – within a network where they can expand connections across specialties.

The Rounds
3377 Kempt Road
Halifax NS B3K 4X5