Solid State Pharma Inc.

Solid State Pharma Inc. (SSPI) is a crystallization engineering and solid state science company founded on the basis of scientific knowledge, hands-on experience and advanced characterization technologies utilization.

SSPI’s vision is to be a partner to pharmaceuticals and natural products companies to understand the solid state of their drug candidate/product and also develop crystallization processes that will lead to optimal physical properties through crystallization engineering.

The majority of pharmaceutical intermediates or APIs exhibit polymorphism. Different polymorphs of a drug can have different solubility, dissolution rate and therefore different bioavailability in the body and ultimately different therapeutic effects. The FDA and Health Canada require all pharmaceutical companies to perform polymorph screening before submitting a new drug application (NDA). Therefore, control of API polymorphism has become a critical part of the drug development. SSPI offers a unique workflow that finds all possible polymorphs and identifies the most viable one for drug development.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, SSPI is involved with natural health products. The use of these products has been steadily increasing in recent years. When natural products are used as or defined as a drug, purification to meet the regulatory requirements becomes mandatory. In many cases the primary purification method is chromatography, which is expensive compared with crystallization techniques. Applying solid state science and crystal engineering, cost effective crystallization procedures could be developed which may significantly reduce the manufacturing costs and make natural products more competitive.  In addition, many natural products have low bioavailability and they have to be used in high dose to be effective. SSPI plans to reformulate poorly soluble natural products through crystal engineering techniques to improve bioavailability and decrease the oral daily dose to lower side effects.

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