Innovacorp is lucky to work with many of Nova Scotia’s most promising start-ups. On this page you'll find all the companies in our investment portfolio and those that reside at our facilities. You can filter them by the type of support we’re providing them (e.g., investment and/or incubation), the facility where they’re based, and the sector they’re in.

We’re also always working with several dozen other start-ups through our acceleration initiatives. You can find out about many of those companies by checking out the main website pages for programs like Innovacorp Accelerate, GreenShoots, Start-Up Visa and the Early Stage Commercialization Program.

3D BioFibR
Incubation, Investment, Life Sciences, The Labs at Innovacorp

Proprietary "dry-spinning” process (mimicking spiders) to produce low denier multifilament fibers from proteins (e.g., collagen and spider silk)

ABK Biomedical
Investment, Life Sciences

Embolotherapeutic products and delivery devices for the treatment of uterine fibroids, hypervascularized tumours, and arteriovenous malformations

Alter Biota
Investment, Clean Technology, AscendBio (Verschuren Centre)

Bio-graphene additives to increase the strength of concrete and reduce its environmental footprint

Incubation, Investment, Life Sciences, The Labs at Innovacorp

Small, light-weight, lens-free devices that can capture images at high resolution for many clinical and industrial analysis applications

Audioptics Medical
Incubation, Investment, Life Sciences, The Labs at Innovacorp

Microscope that can see through the eardrum to middle ear structures and measure their vibration in response to sound

Axem Neurotechnology
Investment, Life Sciences

Medical device that tracks brainwaves and helps people recover from neurological conditions such as strokes

Appili Therapeutics
Incubation, Investment, Life Sciences, The Labs at Innovacorp

Drugs to fight infectious diseases

Ashored Innovations
Investment, Ocean Technology

System to reduce the amount of ghost gear (i.e., discarded, lost or abandoned fishing gear) in the ocean

Investment, Information & Communications Technology

Technology for organizations to provide virtual and live wellness classes for their employees

Investment, Information & Communications Technology

Platform to make enterprise-class security, privacy and compliance accessible to fast-growing organizations