Adrian Bentley
Information Technology

Analyze Re co-founder Adrian Bentley and his partners aren’t afraid of taking a risk. Taking it by the proverbial throat, that is.

The team has come up with a technology to shake up the $500 billion reinsurance industry – companies that provide insurance for insurance companies.

Analyze Re’s pricing and portfolio optimization software uses a real-time risk engineering framework to help analyze huge volumes of complex data. Reinsurers quickly get a more complete picture of what’s happening with their portfolio, so they can minimize their risk and maximize their profits.

And there are profits to be had! The reinsurance market is forecast to grow to $2 trillion by 2025. Adrian and his team have worked together to deliver solutions to the reinsurance industry for years, and they believe their system is a game changer.

At Innovacorp, we believe that too. As an early investor in Analyze Re, we think this is one Nova Scotia start-up worth taking a risk on. We look forward to helping ensure their success.