Chris McMaster

Chris McMaster
Life Sciences

We Think Chris’s Company is Just What the Doctor Ordered.

DeNovaMed president Chris McMaster and his partners are developing a new generation of antibiotics, able to combat the “superbugs” that defy today’s drugs.

MRSA skin infections, for example, are a serious problem in hospitals. A medicine that effectively stops MRSA would be a scientific breakthrough felt around the world. And here in Nova Scotia, Chris and his team are on the verge of delivering one—the first new class of antibiotic in three decades. After six years of preliminary work, results are promising.

Equity investment from Innovacorp will play a key role, with human trials set to begin in 2014.

Computer-aided drug design is Chris’s specialty, and it has enabled DeNovaMed to produce antibacterial drugs with entirely novel structures and mechanisms of action. DeNovaMed is also working on a class of drug called gram-negative adjuvants, which can improve the efficacy of older antibiotics as much as 260-fold.

We believe DeNovaMed has a real shot at transforming modern medicine, which would be a shot in the arm for Nova Scotia’s economy too. We’re committed to helping them succeed.

5850/5980 University Avenue
Goldbloom Building, 3rd floor
Halifax NS B3K 6R8