Joel Doherty

Information Technology
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Joel is a technology and business development expert. His business partner is a quick-service restaurant owner. Together they observed that restaurant people often aren’t business people, and that one recipe few restaurants have is the recipe for success.

Given this unique perspective, they couldn’t resist experimenting with these ingredients. And before long, Livelenz was cooked up.

Livelenz analyzes receipt printer data to optimize profitability for small restaurants. It reports on what’s popular with customers, at which times of the day or week. And it analyzes that information to “see” patterns that restaurant owners can adjust for and take advantage of. It gathers data at light speed, so it’s always current— never more than 400 milliseconds old. “Live.”

Now, over 4,500 restaurants in eight countries are eating it up. This includes franchisees in some of the largest restaurant organizations in the world. And that’s just for starters.

With investment capital from Innovacorp, Joel can take his Nova Scotian idea global. As he puts it, he can lead and exceed from here. He can branch out into selling aggregated data, and offer the full-meal deal.

Joel hails from the Annapolis Valley, fertile ground for good food. Now he’s growing Nova Scotia’s economy from there too. And we’re glad to be bringing something to the table.