Kevin Sullivan
Life Sciences

Kevin is fighting infection for the team.
We’re happy to be on his defensive line.

Appili Therapeutics CEO Kevin Sullivan and his team are developing new ways to fight infectious disease, still the leading cause of death worldwide.

Today the company is focused on two drugs. The first removes the awful taste from an existing antibiotic that treats a serious stomach infection known as C-difficile in children. Kids are obviously more willing to take a better-tasting drug, making the treatment more effective.

The FDA granted the drug “orphan” status, which gives Appili some breaks in the long and expensive drug-approval process and then seven years of protection from competition when it hits the market.

Appili’s second drug is aimed at battling deadly Gram-negative bacteria. Those are the “superbugs” increasingly resistant to drug treatment and posing an enormous threat to human health.

And as if those two pursuits weren’t enough, Kevin continues to comb the world for new drugs to develop. In fact he’s already got a few potential new ones on the horizon.

Equity investment and custom-built incubation space and programs from Innovacorp are helping Kevin continue to fight the good fight from Nova Scotia. You’ll agree the world needs a few doses of Appili.

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