Mather Carscallen

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Polar Region ecology is a subject of endless fascination for Mather. The Arctic and the Antarctic are his favorite parts of the world. He worries about the impact oil exploration would have there, especially as world energy demand climbs.

So he’s doing something about it.

Mather is working on a way we can grow our own oil, instead of having to drill for ancient deposits in sensitive places.

What if petroleum had serious competition in the oil business? What if we switched to oil extracted from algae—a natural resource you can grow just about anywhere? Biofuel.

Here in Nova Scotia, Mather set up his company, SABRTech Inc., to answer questions like those. It’s named after the Polar Regions, but it could benefit everywhere in between too.

There are challenges. Scaling up production to meet real-world demand, for instance. But there are encouraging successes with biofuels being produced and used on a large scale. Some of the jet fuel now powering U.S. military aircraft, for example.

Besides, Mather has a track record for overcoming challenges. Case in point: he won our Nova Scotia CleanTech Open competition, and now has serious money behind him. He predicts that the win means his company can go “full steam ahead,” and in a couple of years, develop the capability to supply a real-world industry with biofuel.

We think he’s onto something big. World-scale big. And energizing for Nova Scotia’s economy too.