Mohamed Abdolell
Life Sciences

Mo is improving women’s health.  
And we love him to bits for it.

Densitas CEO Mohamed “Mo” Abdolell and his team have come up with a way to improve breast screening and – ultimately – women’s health. 

Radiologists use the company’s innovation, DM-Density, with existing mammogram equipment to crunch data and measure breast density. 

Accurately assessing breast density is an important part of the mammography process. Dense breasts can mask breast cancer, and dense breast tissue looks the same as cancer on X-rays. 

Knowing a woman has high breast density, a doctor can make sure she returns for more frequent breast screening and other follow-up care. DM-Density helps ensure the appropriate follow-up care is consistently given.

Densitas has already received regulatory clearance to sell DM-Density in Canada and the European Union. And the company is also building add-on products such as tools to measure radiation dosage and help radiologists manage workflow.

Equity investment and incubation from Innovacorp are helping Mo introduce a line of mammography software from his base in Nova Scotia, leading to improved care for women. 

To get our mothers, sisters and daughters back to 100 per cent, we’re happy to be behind Mo 100 per cent.


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