Richard van der Put

Richard’s views are sky high.
That’s how we know he’ll produce a bountiful yield.

SkySquirrel Technologies co-founder and CEO Richard van der Put and his team have developed drone-based technology for monitoring crop health. The focus is on improving harvest yields and reducing costs at commercial vineyards.

The company’s innovation surveys and collects data on crops, detecting diseases early and helping farmers understand how to improve growing conditions.

What’s more, SkySquirrel’s solution goes beyond generic plant health measurements and can detect region-specific diseases prevalent in vineyards across the globe.

Today, SkySquirrel has its sights set on the $85-billion global wine market. And it’s already selling its products in Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland, Chile and China.

The company has also partnered with VineView, a California aerial imaging business that gives SkySquirrel exclusive access to data it’s been collecting for decades.

Equity investment and acceleration programs from Innovacorp are helping Richard launch the next-generation of his product and enter new markets. Boasting tremendous potential for Nova Scotia’s economy and high-value agricultural products? We’ll drink to that!