Robert Niven
Clean Technology

CarbonCure founder and CEO Robert Niven and his team are creating some of the most environmentally friendly concrete in the world.

Their technology meets a rapidly growing market demand for affordable green building materials – all the while improving concrete’s material properties.

The CarbonCure system lets concrete plants use waste carbon dioxide to make greener products without compromising cost or performance. Carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources are captured from final emitters such as power plants, transported to concrete plants, and the CarbonCure technology injects the CO2 gas into concrete, where it is permanently stored as a mineral.

A concrete manufacturer’s operation can be retrofitted with CarbonCure’s technology in less than a day. And since concrete is still the world’s most-used construction material, the company’s market opportunities are, well, building.

Equity investment from Innovacorp is helping Rob construct his green empire from his base in Nova Scotia. We look forward to building it with him – one block at a time.

60 Trider Crescent
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1R6