Marketing is often misunderstood. In this session, you will learn what authentic marketing looks like and the results it can deliver. Join award winning marketer Sandra Goodwin on January 25, to give your marketing plan a thorough examination and ensure it delivers.

When your marketing campaign seems to sizzle more than the steak, or simply isn’t lukewarm at all, it might be time to bring back the authenticity around your product or service. Great marketing can happen when your product or service is solving a real problem and you communicate its value from the perspective of your customers.  

Enjoy a morning of insights and exercises that will bring the authenticity back to your marketing plan with the following objectives:

1. Ask the tough questions about your product or service.  

What do your customers like about it?
What would make it better? 
What is your competitive difference?

2. Determine whether your current marketing is doing its job.

Are you targeting your ideal customers and prospects?
Is your message being delivered via all the right channels?
Are you effectively communicating your value proposition?

3. Establish your marketing authenticity true-up.

Integrate your customers’ values into your product or service.
Make improvements to your offering and key messages.
Redevelop your marketing strategy.

Thursday, January 25, 2018 
​9:00 am – 11:30 am 
​103-37 Nepean Street 
​Sydney, Nova Scotia

To register, email Holly at by Wednesday, January 24.