Outlook 2010: The recession is over! Or is it? What now?

Some analysts are saying the recession is over and the economy is on track for a full recovery. Or is it? What do you do now? How do you come off what is arguably the worst economic year in two generations? Do you come out of the gate swinging? Do you hunker down and remain extra cautious for another year? What did 2009 teach you? Did you make decisions about spending or hiring that will help you post-recession? Has the downturn changed your industry, your customers, your competitive landscape? Join Robert Orr, president & CEO of Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., Brian Lowe, vice president of Immunovaccine Inc., Saeed El-Darahali, president & CEO of SimplyCast, Roland Swift, president of MorSwift Machines Inc., and panel moderator Dan MacDonald, as they look back at the challenges they faced in 2009 and hear their thoughts and strategies for the months ahead.

Robert Orr, president & CEO, Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd. (www.ocean-nutrition.com) -  Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) is a global leading supplier of Omega-3 EPA and DHA ingredients from fish oil to essential nutrients that have been scientifically linked to supporting heart health, brain health, and general wellness. ONC markets its MEG-3® ingredients in the dietary supplement and healthy food markets. To date, MEG-3® ingredients have been included in over 40 billion servings of food and supplement products worldwide.

Brian Lowe, vice president, Immunovaccine Inc. (www.imvaccine.com) - Immunovaccine is a biotechnology company developing high potential vaccines for human health.  Immunovaccine's unique patented vaccine delivery and enhancement technology, the DepoVaxTM platform, has achieved exciting results and positive pre-clinical safety data. The company's technology has attracted multiple partnerships and generated revenues through two licenses of its technology to Pfizer Animal Health.

Saeed El-Darahali, president & CEO, SimplyCast (www.simplycast.com) - SimplyCast provides e-marketing solutions for small, medium and large businesses. The company offers online services that enable a client to market its company, products and website on the internet. SimplyCast allows users can create and send personalized email campaigns, track the results, and improve email deliverability.

Roland Swift, president, MorSwift Machines Inc. (www.morswift.com) - MorSwift Machines provides an innovative, fast, ecologically responsible packaging solution that enables banding and bundling of products across many industries.

Thursday, January 21, 2010
8:45 am - 10:00 am
Canada Post Boardroom
Innovacorp - Technology Innovation Centre
1 Research Drive, Dartmouth, NS

As always, these gatherings are intended for Innovacorp clients and affiliates. However, if space allows, we welcome special guests. If you’d like to join us, email us and we’ll let you know about space availability.