Surrounding your business with trusted advisors who can offer business wisdom, open doors, share industry knowledge, and help raise funds is vital. Establishing a board of directors and/or an advisory board is an important step for early stage companies. How do the two differ in function, accountability and decision-making power? At what stage should you set one up? What should you think about when seeking members and how do you get them to come…uhm…on board? When structuring your board today, what should you consider as you anticipate your company’s future growth?

Hear from Michael, chair and CEO of Precision BioLogic, Ross Finlay, co-founder and director of the First Angel Network, and Patrick Keefe, investment manager with Innovacorp, as they share their viewpoints on types of board structure, when to implement them, and how to make them successful.

Michael Scott, chair and CEO, Precision BioLogic ( – Michael has worked with developing companies in Canada and the US for almost 30 years. Today, he is chair and CEO of Precision BioLogic, a dynamic Halifax firm with a team of 50 people that develops, manufactures and markets blood diagnostic products used by leading medical institutions across North America and Europe. The company has been serving customers internationally for over 14 years.

Ross Finlay, co-founder and director, First Angel Network ( – Ross has been an angel investor since 2000 and has assisted a number of companies raise private equity. As a consultant, he is a recognized facilitator, business planner, and strategic change advisor who has an extensive background in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Ross has extensive experience working with boards of directors and advisory boards, including participation as a board member.

The First Angel Network (FAN) is a not-for-profit organization that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and capital in Atlantic Canada through communication, education and networking. The member-based organization offers a forum for angel investors to increase their exposure to quality, pre-screened investment opportunities and expand their network of likeminded investors. FAN also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to approach a community of active investors.

Patrick Keefe, investment manager, Innovacorp ( – Patrick is an investment manager with Innovacorp and has held senior positions with Boston-based venture capital firm Atlas Venture and the Boston Consulting Group, an organization that provides strategic advisory services for leading companies around the world. Patrick has experience as a board member and advising boards.

Panel moderator – Stephen Hartlen, interim president and CEO, Innovacorp

Thursday, March 25, 2010
8:45 am - 10:00 am
Canada Post Boardroom
Innovacorp - Technology Innovation Centre
1 Research Drive, Dartmouth, NS

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