Venture for Canada invites you to a special event to meet the Nova Scotia Cohort of Venture for Canada Fellows.

Who should attend?

  • NS Startups interested in meeting and hiring Venture for Canada Fellows.
  • Venture for Canada Fellows interested in working with Nova Scotia startups.

About Venture for Canada
Venture for Canada attracts, trains and supports ambitious and entrepreneurial graduates, and connects them with select startup ventures, to create unique experiential learning opportunities. Fellows complete a month long Training Camp program with Venture for Canada and commit to working at startups for two years. Fellows receive on-going training over the course of the Fellowship and become part of a strong Venture for Canada Fellow community.

Venture for Canada Fellows
Venture for Canada Fellows are top post-grad students from across Canada and come from diverse academic and personal backgrounds. The majority are recent graduates and are looking for entry level positions. About 50 per cent of Fellows have businesses backgrounds, 25 per cent come from STEM fields, and 25 per cent from other academic disciplines.

Fellows are ambitious, high performing and high achievers. The majority work in positions such as business development, sales, marketing, operations and more.

Hiring Fellows
Ventures interested in hiring Venture for Canada Fellows must become approved Partners. Ventures can become Partners by contacting to learn more.

Ventures hire Fellows as company employees and are responsible for all employee costs. Start-ups pay a $500 training and development fee to Venture for Canada upon hiring Fellows. Fellows are available to start work on June 18, after the completion of the mandatory training camp program. Ventures must notify Venture for Canada upon hiring Fellows.

Monday, June 25, 2018
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Innovacorp Enterprise Centre
1344 Summer St, Halifax

Register online for free and learn more about Venture for Canada.