Are you the HR specialist in your company? (As well as the financial analyst, sales representative, strategic planner, chief cook and bottle washer?) Most start-ups don’t employ an HR professional, but every company needs to know the basics of HR. Whether the task is attracting the right people, managing employee performance, or taking the right steps when hiring – or firing – an employee, this session will help. 

Suitable for small business owners and managers, this workshop and panel presentation will address some of the most basic HR challenges by providing advice and resources related to the full HR cycle.
Plan to join us in Sydney on Tuesday, June 11, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, for a practical session on the following topics.

Talent Attraction
Jennifer Robichaud, vice president of corporate resource development at Innovacorp, focuses on HR management, business planning activities and corporate governance after having spent 13 years in HR for the oil and gas and financial industries. Accustomed to sharing tactical and strategic HR management advice with Innovacorp’s portfolio companies, Jennifer will offer guidance on how start-ups can take a proactive approach to recruiting the right people. Owning your recruitment strategy will make your company fundamentally stronger than those that do passive recruiting.
Hiring and Firing
Denise Forgeron, labour relations manager at Marine Atlantic, is responsible for labour relations in a corporation with more than 1,400 employees. Having worked in HR for well over 20 years, Denise knows firsthand how hiring or firing an employee can be a challenging, emotional experience and a pathway to possible lawsuits. Due diligence, preparation and proper execution of these processes will be major takeaways from this presentation so you can avoid potential pitfalls and get on with running your business.
Managing Your Most Valuable Resource
Shelley Kenney, human resources consultant at Innovacorp, is involved in all areas of HR administration at the corporation and also provides HR advice and support to client companies. We all know that employees are a major factor in the long-term growth of any small business and, sometimes, they are the only real asset you possess. Making the most of what employees do towards achieving business goals can greatly impact your company. Brush up on your employee management skills as Shelley covers the basics of performance management.
Panel – Our Best HR Learnings: The Start-Up Perspective
Our panel will share their biggest HR challenges and best pieces of advice based on their experiences in a small company. Bring your questions and conundrums for this interactive session.


Michelle Milburn, General Manager, Advanced Glazings – The strong managerial skills Michelle developed during previous roles at Mutual Life in Ontario have helped her (alongside husband Doug) grow Advanced Glazings from a small R&D-focused company into a 50-person manufacturing organization.

Terrie MacIntryre, Vice President of Human Resources, Techlink – Terrie works to keep Techlink’s employees informed, engaged, and inspired by the big opportunities ahead for the company. After a 20-year career with Aliant focusing on training, development, customer service and hiring, Terrie is in her element when expertly managing the needs of Techlink’s employees.

Doug Milburn, Co-Founder, Protocase – Doug founded and led Advanced Glazings, North America’s leader in high-performance glazing for architectural daylighting, from 1995 to 2007. In 2001, he co-founded Protocase, an innovative company that supplies custom electronic enclosures to engineers and designers. Currently the company’s chair and vice president in charge of R&D and sales and marketing, Doug and co-founder and CEO Steve Lilley are very hands-on regarding all HR issues.

HR Odds and Ends
For a finishing touch to an information-packed day, Jennifer and Shelley will provide some general HR information and resources based on their experiences working with start-ups.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
10:00 am – 2:00 pm (lunch will be provided)
Membertou Trade and Convention Centre
50 Maillard Street, Sydney

Please RSVP to Shelley at SKENNEY@INNOVACORP.CA by June 6.