• Daniel Burka, Google Ventures
  • Ben Yoskovitz, GoInstant
  • Milan Vrekic, TitanFile

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Product designer. Serial entrepreneur. Start-up advisor. Technologist. Google Ventures’ Daniel Burka has some stories to tell, some advice to give, some inspiration to share.

We’re bringing him to you.

Join us at 7:00 pm on Thursday, January 24, 2013, to hear Daniel’s musings on building kick-ass products and companies. Plus, warm up with two local stars – GoInstant’s Ben Yoskovitz and TitanFile’s Milan Vrekic. End the evening with a beverage and some mingling with other start-ups (and the people who love them).

Innovacorp Presents Daniel Burka
Thursday, January 24, 2013
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (but linger, if you will)
Innovacorp Enterprise Centre
1344 Summer Street, Halifax

Space is limited, so RSVP* now to Jenny at JLMACDONALD@INNOVACORP.CA or 424.8674 x 1111.

About Daniel Burka (deets about the other fellas, Ben and Milan, here soon)

Daniel Burka is a San Francisco-based product designer. He's currently a design partner at GOOGLE VENTURES. He works with Google Ventures' many portfolio companies to solve their design challenges.

Previous to Google, Daniel co-founded Canadian web agency SILVERORANGE, where he got to work with Mozilla (heThis is Daniel Burka in a fabulous sweater.helped design the Firefox logo), Ning and Sloan, and did lots of e-commerce and government work to boot. One day, Kevin Rose called up silverorange and had Daniel and his team create the early stage designs of DIGG. Soon after, Daniel moved to San Francisco to become Digg's creative director as the site grew from a niche technology news site to a leading news entity. Five years later, Daniel left to join a gaming start-up called TINY SPECK with the founders of Flickr. Then, with Kevin free to pursue new ventures, the duo co-founded the mobile incubator Milk, which was acquired by Google a year later. After joining Google, Daniel led the mobile user experience team for Google+ before becoming a partner at Google Ventures.

When he's not obsessing about interfaces and the conundrums of mobile design, Daniel tweets as @DBURKA and speaks at conferences around the world.

*Daniel grew up in PEI, but now lives in San Francisco. If he’s game for going out on a dark and cold Thursday night in January in the middle of the North Atlantic, shouldn’t you be too? Don’t miss this fantastic evening.