Note: This gathering is targeted at LSRI (North tower) and Innovacorp (South tower) residents at 1344/1348 Summer Street, but if that's not you and you'd still like to join us, be in touch using the contact email or number below.

Start-up founders and managers, researchers, frontline staff, students, faculty – and all those who love them – Innovacorp and Dalhousie ILI invite you to join us on Wednesday, June 7, for our Innovators Circle. (It’s more like a couple of lines than a circle, but “Innovators Parallel Lines” didn’t have the same ring.)

Every day, folks from LSRI (North tower) and Innovacorp (South tower) work alongside each other, pass each other in the halls, fight over parking spaces, share washrooms, and so on.

But do you really know each other? Are you learning from your neighbour? Could you be helping each other, working together, or dreaming and commiserating as one?

We want to get those conversations started within and between the two towers.

On June 7, we’ll get a couple of panels of representatives from the building’s residents to tell us what a day in their lives looks like. We’ll (and you’ll*) also ask questions to get to the heart of what makes them tick and what they know or do that we can use to our advantage. (* “Listeners only” are also very welcome.)

We’re keeping it all totes cajzh. In fact, prep work and fancy apparel are highly frowned upon. The goal is simply to get to know each other better and build the community and collaborative culture evolving at 1344/1348 Summer Street.

Panelists and spectators are asked to RSVP via email or 902.424.8674 x 1503 by Wednesday, May 31.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
11:00 am - 1:00 pm (lunch provided)
Innovacorp Enterprise Centre
David O. McNamara Boardroom
1344 Summer Street, Halifax