Despite what the Tinder-loving media might have you believe, the most common way to meet someone is in real life — namely, through friends. Consider us your friend, and match-maker of sorts, who wants to introduce you to your next potential employer or employee. Whichever the case. Join us for our fifth annual Student and Start-Up Meet ’n Greet, which brings together students (or job seekers in general) and early stage technology companies. 

Looking to meet skilled, job-ready students, new grads and life-long learners seeking employment opportunities with a start-up like yours? Join us to share your company story, projects and talent requirements, as you collect resumés from keen and capable candidates.

Does the idea of helping a small technology company achieve greatness have you on the edge of your seat? Then you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit we’re looking for! Bring your resumé, business cards and insights to network with some of Nova Scotia’s emerging technology companies.

We’re looking for students and graduates of business, computer science, engineering, mathematics and science programs for this event. If you’re someone who absolutely loves the idea of working for a small, trailblazing company, you should come too.

Join us Thursday, October 26, as students and start-ups come together to network and seek mutually beneficial opportunities. (Note: Free pizza!)

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