Some say the opposite of networking is not working. You can stay at home and update your LinkedIn profile, binge-watch The Office for the third time or do some housework. Or, you can join us at the Talent & Start-Up Meet ’n Greet and spend some time hobnobbing with some really cool tech start-up founders, learn about their hiring needs, and generally build on your “future opportunities”. Take your pick. Either way, we can’t wait to play matchmaker for a night between job seekers and job opportunities. We’ll even provide refreshments to help fuel the conversation.

Looking to meet some skilled, eager-to-work talent including students, grads and job seekers of all types, keen to work for a start-up like yours? Join us to share your company story and talent requirements as you collect résumés from curious and capable candidates.

Are you pumped over the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a young technology company where interesting and innovative work is the norm? Then you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit we’re looking for! Bring your résumé, business cards and insights to network with some of Nova Scotia’s emerging technology companies.

Start-ups are looking for individuals skilled in computer science, data science, mathematics, research, engineering, marketing and sales, and life sciences. But, if you have experience with, or a sharp mind for, technology in general, and absolutely love the idea of working for a small, trailblazing company, you should come too.

Join us Tuesday, November 6, as talent and start-ups come together to network and seek mutually beneficial opportunities. (Note: Free pizza!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (presentations begin at 5:15 pm)
Innovacorp Enterprise Centre
1344 Summer Street, Halifax

RSVP by midnight on Thursday, November 1.