Event | Jul 10/19

Is your business listed on Google? Is it positioned in the top three search results?

Event |
Jul 4/19 to Jul 5/19

You may have heard the Innovacorp team talking a lot lately about our quest for “billion-dollar opportunities.”

Are we out of our gourds or what?

Event | Jun 19/19

Starting your own business is overwhelming and can be difficult to navigate from the get-go.

Join us on Wednesday, June 19, for a panel discussion with experts in founding companies. The panel will cover whom to connect with, first steps, and entrepreneur communities you can tap into.

Event | Jun 13/19

Join us on Thursday, June 13, for the live pitching of Intersect Challenge III with the Destination Cape Breton Association.

Event | Jun 11/19

HackerX is an invite-only recruiting event for developers in 120+ cities globally and has a community of over 100,000+ members.

Event | Jun 6/19

Join us on Thursday, June 6, for a panel discussion on intellectual property (IP). The conversation will cover how to protect your IP, the process of filing for patents, and what constitutes as IP.

Event | Jun 5/19

Join Startup YHZ on Wednesday, June 5, for the monthly meetup. Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about growing their business ideas and learn more about available resources for start-ups.

Event | May 29/19

Have you wondered what kind of equipment you might find at the Nova Scotia Power Makerspace? Or what different creations you could make in the space? While we could just list it for you, we thought it would be best to show you.

Event | May 23/19

Seafloor habitat mapping: Ocean technology solutions to a global challenge.