Event | Aug 23/18

Julian Race has been exploring the oceans on research vessels and private endeavors for many years. As science technology officer on the Alucia, Julian works to help the OceanX marine exploration initiative, and supports exciting missions to remote places.

Event |
Aug 14/18 to Aug 15/18

Building out a replicable sales organization and process that can be successful today and scale for tomorrow.

Event | Aug 1/18

Join Startup YHZ at Innovacorp for August’s YHZ Meetup. Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about growing their business ideas and learn more about available resources for startups.

Event | Jul 26/18

David Roddis, president of Roddis Communications, brings a thought-provoking discussion about the role of marketing as a tactical tool to drive sales results to this month's Ocean Connector. Join the discussion to learn how and why technology-oriented organizations use marketing to create real change on the bottom line. 

Event | Jul 11/18

Containing a mix of taught material and exercises, this one-day course will introduce you to the different stages of software engineering. The course is designed for entrepreneurs and programmers as a guide to teach the basic elements of the software process along with some project management basics for software projects.

Event | Jul 10/18

How to Stand Out with Evolving Marketing Trends

Email marketing continues to be impacted by new regulations, laws and data protection acts. As an entrepreneur, understanding how to organize contact-data is critical when it comes to launching email campaigns and building your brand.

Event | Jul 5/18

Please join us in Halifax on Thursday, July 5, to learn which start-ups have won the 2018 Spark Innovation Challenge.

Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax, and Hugh MacKay, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Chester-St. Margaret’s, will be there to help us celebrate Nova Scotia’s new technology entrepreneurs.

Event | Jul 4/18

Join the Startup YHZ community to kickoff our monthly meetups for all start-ups and entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia. Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about growing their idea and learn more about available resources for start-ups.

Event | Jun 29/18

Join us Friday, June 29, as Veronica Sampson-Merryfield talks about the software engineering process and outlines how things should be done and what can and does go wrong with various anecdotes from her career. This is a seminar-style presentation for entrepreneurs new to software projects. The presentation will cover the process of a software project.

Event | Jun 25/18

Venture for Canada invites you to a special event to meet the Nova Scotia Cohort of Venture for Canada Fellows.

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