Event | Sep 5/19

We’re back! Join us on Thursday, September 5, 2019, and help us kick off season 13 of TecSocial with a presentation from Breton Air.

Event | Sep 3/19

A big part of getting support for your start-up is understanding where to look for help and how to access it. With so many programs, organizations and resources available, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Event | Aug 15/19

This three-hour workshop hosted by Craig MacMullin of CEED is focussed on how to develop a value proposition for a new business or refine an existing value proposition to support innovation or strategic planning. The success of any business is based upon its ability to recognize and act on the opportunities that customers' problems and needs represent.

Event | Aug 13/19

If you recently started a company, you might be overwhelmed with business world jargon. A term sheet is meant to be a plain, high-level document that will help to form a final investor agreement. Similar to a letter of intent, it is an important document to be agreed upon, and you should understand the details.

Event | Aug 8/19

Want to learn how to write a press release and identify which publications to target? Entrevestor’s Peter Moreira will discuss how to build relationships with journalists and publications to help promote your start-up. Peter will walk attendees through how to leverage earned media and avoid common media relations mistakes, allowing you to put your company’s best foot forward.

Event | Aug 1/19

How does your social media maturity compare to other small businesses? Join us on Thursday, August 1, to learn first-hand how your team can efficiently scale your social media efforts from subject-matter expert and Hootsuite solutions consultant, Meghan MacDonald.

Event | Jul 25/19

So, you’re an Innovacorp client. You’ve got access to cool space, expert advice and funding to take your start-up to the next level.

Event | Jul 23/19

Sometimes the best way to commit to something is to tell a friend.

Event | Jul 18/19

What happens when an autonomous vessel enters an international competition to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from Nova Scotia to France?

Event | Jul 17/19

Innovacorp runs an Expert Office Hours initiative that gives our investment portfolio companies and incubation clients – and other friends in our pipeline and start-up community – the chance to sit one-on-one with an expert and pick their brain.