Event | Apr 12/18

If you’ve ever thought about starting a software company, or a software project in your company, this is the event for you. What’s a software project you might ask? It can include any software development, from designing a product to creating an app.

Event | Apr 9/18

If you’re looking to improve your interview skills either as a job seeker or a hiring manager, then this is the workshop for you.

Event | Apr 5/18

After working at a summer camp for people with cognitive and physical disabilities, Rebecca Dunphy identified a void in the market. While taking campers on outings, Rebecca realized that ensuring spaces are accessible doesn’t have to mean a total retrofit for a building. Through this realization, the social enterprise RampAge was born.

Event | Apr 4/18

Innovacorp is pleased to be a partner of Innovation Rounds: Seeing Through the Eardrum - A new microscope for middle ear visualization on April 4.

Event | Mar 28/18

Nova Scotia Business Inc., in partnership with Venn Innovation and with support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, is excited to bring world-leading intelligence expert, Jonathan Calof, to Nova Scotia for an introductory session on an exciting, new program designed to help you develop market insights for your business.

Event | Mar 22/18

In 2017, the global medical device field was a $389 billion market (not including stem cell technologies and other biological therapeutics and diagnostics). The health care industry consumes about 14-18 per cent of the gross domestic product in the US (very similar in Canada at 10-12 per cent), and is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries.

Event | Mar 12/18

On Monday, March 12, Startup Canada - Halifax will host an event on funding and support options for start-ups. The event will feature presentations from BDC, ACOA, Futurpreneur, Innovacorp, the NRC Concierge Service, and more, covering the support they offer start-ups and available funding options. These organizations are key players in funding and support areas.

Event | Mar 5/18

Seniors represent the fastest growing segment of society. By 2025, there will be 75 million people 65 years or older in the US and Canada, and that number will continue to grow!

Event | Mar 1/18

There has been so much buzz around bitcoin lately that we've decided to host a discussion on the topic. Join us March 1, as Stephen Manley explains what bitcoin is and how it's affecting our lives. 

Stephen will start with the basics, then delve into how a bitcoin transaction works and discuss the impact block chain technology could have on us in 2018. 

Event | Feb 28/18

Join us Wednesday, February 28, to learn about the Atlantic Immigration Pilot from Minder Singh.