Event | Jun 7/18

The Spark Innovation Challenge 2018 shortlist was selected earlier this week. 

Event | Jun 6/18

Innovation in Hip & Knee Arthroplasty

Event | Jun 5/18

The Lazaridis Institute Introduces: Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

What is the secret to Amazon’s success? What do Facebook, Google and Airbnb have in common? Contrary to what you’ve read, it’s not superhuman founders, mythic “passion”, or spectacularly savvy venture capitalists. It’s Blitzscaling.

Event | May 24/18

Beers and Blockchain: Crossing borders, organizations & modes of transportation: How blockchain will manage and track the paper trail of millions of shipping containers across the world.

Event | May 13/18

Mixing virtual reality and medicine sounds like a recipe for creative thinking.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear both the virtual reality and medical communities come together to share stories and explore opportunities. Electric Puppets is collaborating with the Halifax Animation Festival to bring VR Day to Innovacorp!

Event | May 9/18

Virtual reality presents an opportunity to immerse patients in friendly, comforting, story-driven environments that have been proven to engage and entertain people by the millions all over the world.

Event | May 3/18

Founded by Jay McNeil in fall 2017, Full Plate Care is a grocery shopping, delivery and in-home preparation service for those aging in place. The company won $31,250 in start-up funding through Innovacorp’s 2017 Spark Innovation Challenge. It was also a finalist in Shift Challenge, run by Innovacorp and the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors in March 2018.

Event | May 3/18

Find out how you can land your first sale and get your innovation tested by the federal government!

Event | May 1/18

Join Jim DeLeskie, founder of Mimir Networks, for a light breakfast and an overview of internet threats facing small businesses.

Event | Apr 12/18

If you’ve ever thought about starting a software company, or a software project in your company, this is the event for you. What’s a software project you might ask? It can include any software development, from designing a product to creating an app.