Innovacorp: COVID-19 Resources

As we all navigate through the current situation, Innovacorp has curated a comprehensive list of crowdsourced resources, guidance and information for Nova Scotia’s start-ups and entrepreneurs. The complete list was compiled by JetBlue Technology Ventures. View the full list.


Sequoia Capital's letter offers practical questions for consideration regarding business continuity planning. They have also shared a framework to help start-ups think through the various possible runway scenarios and strategies during this lockdown.

Primary Venture Partners’ Jackie Wasilczyk published an overview of how their portfolio companies are responding to COVID-19 and also developed a communications checklist for start-ups during this time.

Highline Beta published seven recommendations for start-ups on what to do in the COVID-19 crisis.

Serena Capital publicized the stress scenarios they designed for SaaS companies facing COVID-19 to work on, including an excel template. While you’re at it, Serena Capital’s blog has a lot of other helpful insights and actionable resources for start-ups during this challenging time.

Work Life Ventures’ Brianne Kimmel published five lessons from Tandem, a virtual office for remote teams, on raising a $7.5 million seed round and “rising to the occasion in uncertain times.”

Upfront Ventures' Mark Suster put together a deck addressing funding in the time of coronavirus.

Haystack’s Semil Shah developed a guide to start-up fundraising through the end of 2020, as well as a post for start-up founders to better understand how investors and venture capital firms are adjusting to this new world.

Drive Capital breaks down eight steps start-ups should take to survive the coronavirus crisis.

Angular Ventures offers a guide for early stage enterprise technology companies.

Electric Capital’s founder posted his ‘lessons learned’ from running a start-up through 2008 in a Twitter thread. (March 12)

WorkBench’s Jonathan Lehr provided tips for enterprise start-ups on how to navigate their relationship with prospective buyers.

Winnie CEO and co-founder Sara Mauskopf shared thoughts in Inc. about how start-ups can immediately cut spending.

Women 2.0 published a post on how to manage cash flow in uncertain times.

Emergence offers advice to enterprise software leaders to weather the storm. 

BioNova is seeking donations of lab supplies and protective gear for the healthcare community. They are also looking for your feedback as they continue to work with federal and provincial governments to identify solutions which will best support companies in the healthcare sector. Please take 10 minutes to fill out their survey


LogMeIn has free “emergency remote work kits” available for three months, including GoToMeeting, presentation platform GoToMeeting, and remote desktop access provider LogMeIn.

ZX Ventures developed a guide to onboarding new hires during this time when everyone is working remotely.

B Capital Group’s Christiaan Ballard shared best practices to help manage a fully remote interview process without compromising on quality or hiring goals.

Homebrew’s Beth Scheer and M13’s Matt Hoffman published a guide of best practices for remote hiring.

For the past four years, LifeLabs Learning has studied what makes great remote teams and employees stand out. They put together this guide with all their learnings.

Real Ventures shared tips on how to keep your team engaged and positive in turbulent times.

Zapier published a very comprehensive and detailed guide to working remotely, including how to quickly transition to managing and growing remote teams.

Notion created a central hub for many helpful resources on remote work – from tips to articles to company policies. 

Andreas Klinger runs Remote-First Capital and has been building remote teams and optimizing remote work since 2014. Here is his framework for managing remote teams and tactical templates to help you apply it.

People & Company published a blog post describing how companies can create a sense of community and bring people together meaningfully if in-person is out of the question.

RealLeaders Magazine posted an article with examples from 66 CEOs and executives on leading from home.

Atrium HQ developed a guide for how sales teams can best transition to and manage working from home.

BDC has offered a guide of how their team is helping businesses prepare, adapt and respond to COVID-19.

Prosoft Engineering Inc. has offered Work From Basics: A Guide to Planning for Remote Work.

AppDirect is offering communication tools and strategies for remote teams to help make the transition to remote work easier, including video conferencing and screen sharing tools, project management tools, and team collaboration tools.

RELIEF RESOURCES AND PROGRAMS has created a database of technology workers who are open to part-time and contract work for Canadian technology start-ups.

ACOA will apply a deferral of three months on all payments due to the government, as of April 1, 2020.

The Government of Canada has published a summary of its initiatives to support employees, businesses, business travel, and business in international markets. For additional support, check out Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan.

The Government of Nova Scotia has published a summary of its initiatives including payment deferrals, changes to the Small Business Loan Guarantee Program and more.

The Canada Revenue Agency has deferred tax payments for businesses until August 31, 2020.

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) has launched three grant programs for companies working to address the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. has distilled announcements by the Province of Nova Scotia to the impact they have on Nova Scotia businesses. The page also includes a list of relevant links for businesses such as the Business Development Bank of Canada, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and more.

Halifax Partnership has compiled financial and employee support resources, including information on the new Business Credit Availability Program.

Clara, a digital mental health platform, is providing three months of complimentary access.

Facebook announced it will offer $100 million in cash grants and ad credits to small businesses.

useful guide about improving mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This article covers things like understanding COVID-19 and workers’ compensation, who is covered by workers’ compensation while working from home, employer responsibilities, and how to file a claim and pursue legal action, among other resources.

QuickBooks has provided their article, How the Coronavirus as affected small businesses in 2020. This article discusses how the Coronavirus pandemic challenges small businesses, and what business owners do to stay afloat (e-commerce, product delivery, etc.).

BigSteelBox's Safety Tips When Moving During COVID-19 guide delves into general safety tips, as well as the pros and cons of utilizing moving containers, rental trucks, and full service movers during a pandemic.

Lytics is offering an Accessibility guide for businesses: Best practices for compliance in-person and online.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, ** Updated on August 29, 2022 **