Halifax-based software company 2nd Act Innovations is participating in the Canadian Technology Accelerator program in Silicon Valley based on the merit of their cloud-based software solution, Oris4.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program is an initiative of the Canadian government to assist technology start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in gaining access to the unique resources Silicon Valley has to offer and help them grow on a global scale. Andrew Doyle, CEO of 2nd Act Innovations, has temporarily relocated to Silicon Valley for the CTA program, which takes place over three months.

Juliana Pantet, Trade Commissioner in Palo Alto, explains that while the process to be selected for the CTA is rigorous, the potential benefits are impressive.

“Oris4 was chosen through an extremely competitive process. Several factors were considered in the decision such as whether the product/technology is a good fit to be exporting to Silicon Valley and the potential of the company to become global. The deciding factor in offering a spot in our Canadian Technology Accelerator to Oris4 was the fact that the selection committee strongly believed that Oris4 is a high-potential company, and therefore a company that the Canadian government wants to support,” said Pantet.

During Doyle’s time in Silicon Valley, he will be based out of the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA, where he will work on reaching out to potential customers and investors while gaining knowledge from some of the big names in the valley.

“This opportunity is huge. There is a concentration of capital, talent and experience in Silicon Valley that is unmatched in the world,” said Doyle. “We are thankful for the support of the Canadian government in the CTA program. Now it’s up to us to capitalize on the next three months.”

About 2nd Act Innovations (WWW.ORIS4.COM)
2nd Act’s flagship innovative software, Oris4, is a cloud content management system that revolutionizes searching and managing content across the enterprise. We connect all of your information sources – including Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, Gmail, and shared drives – to allow you to find what you need without searching. Our contextual indexing delivers the document, file or email you need to do your job when you need it. Each file is linked to the people or companies you are working with and available to you regardless of how and where it was saved. Oris4 gives you the power to find anything in your business and do something with it immediately.

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Andrew Doyle, CEO
2nd Act Innovations/Oris4

Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 16, 2012