aioTV, a global provider of IP/ OTT middleware and back-office tools for video service providers, announces the first toolsets to fully unify access of multiple OTT streaming video services into an integrated program guide. This comes just after announcing its patents enabling service creation and delivery of unified multi-sourced video content.

“Our toolset enables the delivery of stand alone a-la-carte video subscriptions into a unified experience,” said Mike Earle, aioTV CEO. “The ability to aggregate and deliver authenticated a-la-carte content empowers subscribers with easy access to multiple OTT services in one place, no more launching and looking with each individual service.”

aioTV’s commercial platform addresses a market driven demand to eliminate the complexity associated with content discovery, viewing and management across multiple sources of content.

Contact Bryan Ollila (bollila(at)aio-tv(dot)com) for a live demonstration of the aioTV platform.

About aioTV
aioTV is a middleware platform and back-office tool set that enables video service providers to easily aggregate, authenticate and deliver multiple sources of live, on-demand and freely available video content directly to the customer in a single, branded experience to the TV and across connected devices. The company’s cloud based management platform provides the ability to design, package and control an offering leveraging existing infrastructure, billing systems and DRMs for a quick, seamless implementation.

For more information, contact:
Jim Anderson
T 1.303.513.0107

October 30, 2014