aioTV, an all-in-one metadata, curation, and personalization software development company, was granted a new key patent on February 9, 2017, defining a discovery interface in which OTT/web content merges with legacy linear and VOD to form one experience. It also defines the creation of video playlists from merged sources (i.e., personalized channels).

Almost every provider is offering this method and system for delivering video content from multiple platforms to subscribers to their customers today.

“We are very proud of the work we have done over the years,” said Mike Earle, CEO of aioTV. “And this patent is more validation of the thought leadership aioTV has demonstrated.”

The patent abstract states that an integrated content delivery interface enables a user to access content from a multi-channel service provider (such as a cable television service) and over-the-top channels based on a combination of the user’s subscription status for the various services, personalization criteria, and device type. The system may provide the user with a playlist of available videos for each channel. For videos from over-the-top sources, when a user selects the video for on-demand play, the user’s device will directly access the video as served by the over-the-top source. Before including any video in the playlist, the system will ensure that the video is available to the user based on subscription status and/or device type, and it will ensure that the over-the-top source serves the video in a format that is compatible with the user’s device.

About aioTV
Founded in 2010, aioTV focuses on enabling video operators, content owners and apps to build world-class video software solutions. Awarded several key patents related to packaging multiple sources of video content into relevant, personalized, and compelling video experiences for consumers. One of the early pioneers in what was a little-known discipline in 2010, aioTV remains at the forefront of innovation of the ever changing metadata management, content packaging, and distribution landscape that is shaping what we know as TV.

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February 10, 2017